Breastfeeding Products

Dr. Brown's stands behind all of our products and we will work with you to help resolve any issue. To view our full Limited Money Back Guarantee, click here.

Yes – all Dr. Brown's Breast Pump parts are BPA Free, including our milk collection bottles and breastmilk storage bags.

We recommend hand washing, top-shelf dishwasher cleaning, or microwave steam sterilization. For more details on cleaning methods, click here.

The Dr. Brown's Breast Pump utilizes a 18 millimeter opening for the nipple. Based on the study of 200 women, the average nipple size is 14 millimeters, so our nipple opening should fit the vast majority of women. As opposed to other technologies that can elongate the nipple and can cause it to increase in size, our technology leaves the nipple looking the same before and after an expressing session, so a larger nipple opening is not needed. We are evaluating the need for developing a larger opening for the small percentage of women who may require a larger breastcup opening.

For replacement part needs, contact customer service.

Dr. Brown's Breast Pumps are the result of years of clinical research and study. We studied neonatal sucking behavior, patterns of suck and swallow, and ultrasound of milk ejection. We also validated information found in research literature. We then combined that with rethinking the design to move away from plastic cone-shaped breastcups to the soft, flexible, flat breastcup that is designed to emulate baby’s suckling pressure. In addition, we have conducted extensive real-life testing with moms to perfect the technology and design.

The Dr. Brown's Breast Pump products work differently than traditional pumps. Dr. Brown's utilizes a breakthrough compression technology that relies more on light compression around the nipple and areola and less on vacuum. The result is a comfortable expressing experience.

Our Lanolin-Free products dry quickly, allowing oxygen to the skin, which facilitates healing. There is no stickiness or staining with Dr. Brown's Lanolin-Free products.

Yes. Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags are Bisphenol A (BPA) Free.

Dr. Brown's Breast Pump wipes clean with an aloe-based alcohol. No additional washing or cleaning of the pump needs to occur after cleaning with the wipes because the formulation is quick-drying, and the active ingredient evaporates in just seconds.

The Nipple Cream is an all-natural treatment for nipples that are sore or cracked. The Nipple Wipes are an all-natural nourishing formula designed for use after breastfeeding to help prevent sore or cracking nipples. The wipes add an emollient layer that adds to the protection of the natural secretions of the Montgomery glands. Both are 100% safe for mom and baby and do not require washing off prior to breastfeeding.

No. Most peanut allergies are from the proteins in the nuts rather than the oil extracts. The Nipple Cream has been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that it is safe for babies.